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 Referral Program


LionoEdu offers you the opportunity to earn rewards by referring friends to try our Upgraded LionoEdu Service. Your participation in the LionoEdu Referral Program can earn you credits to use in conjunction with LionoEdu Services, and may also get you additional rewards. We reserve the right to terminate the Program at any time for any reason. The Program is administered by LionoEdu, which may, outsource certain elements of administration to third parties.


For Every Referral 10% of Program fee will be Rewarded


i.e., if the course fee is 99 the reward will be 10% of 99 that is 10 LE coins (9.9 rounded)


These rewards will be calculated and verified by our administrative team.


It can be redeemed after the program starts; our administrative team will contact for further details.

Already Registered ? Check your points

what need to earn money ?

you have to
register by join now button given below

we will send Email confirmation with an referral ID

stay tuned in our social media, about new programs or paid courses

share the program with your referral code

after a person joined with your referral code it will be rewarded in LE coins

Redeem your rewards
when you gain minimum points

What is LE coin ?

LE coin is an virtual coin or e-coin used for reward purpose in LionoEdu

10 LE coin


10 INR

What are you waiting for ?

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