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These are our pricing plan

  • Best Course

    Individual Coaching

    Online / Offline
    Valid for one week
    • Offline and Online Service are available
    • amount is charged hourly (4-6 hour in a week)
    • Contact us for more Details
  • Online Tuition

    Every month
    Science & Maths
    Valid for 10 months+ 3 day free trial
    • Class will be online
    • solved questions
    • series tests
    • Contact us for more Details
  • Crash Courses

    Every week
    Given price for a subject
    Valid for 3 weeks
    • Study Material
    • 3 week program
    • Contact us for more Details
  • offline tuition

    Every month
    full subjects
    • All subjects included
    • series tests
    • study materials
    • contact us for more Details

You are about to renew your subscription ,please do it before cancellation of subscription

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