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Fashion Designing

Unlock your creative potential and make style a statement. Join us at LionoEdu where innovation meets elegance, and dreams take shape on the runway of fashion design excellence.

Garment Designing Fashion Tecnology

Learn garment design and fashion development through comprehensive courses covering sketching, pattern making, sewing techniques, textiles, and trend analysis. Master the art of creating stylish and innovative clothing.


Diploma in Fashion Designing

Diploma in Fashion Development: Comprehensive program covering design principles, garment construction, textiles, trend analysis, and marketing. Hands-on projects and industry insights for a well-rounded fashion education.


Advanced Diploma in Fashion Designing

The Advanced Diploma in Fashion Development offers comprehensive training in design, production, and marketing. Develop skills in garment creation, trend analysis, and brand promotion for a successful career in the fashion industry.


Tailoring Course

Learn the art of tailoring: master measurements, pattern creation, and garment construction. Develop skills in stitching, alterations, and fabric selection. Create custom-fitted clothing with precision and creativity.

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