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This Fashion Design covers the topics:

Garment designing & fashion technology

Running stitch,Even stitch,U even stitch,Back stitch,Stem stitch,Whiped back stitch,Whiped running stitch,Chain stitch,Heavy chain,Double chain,Magic chain,Twisted chain,Box stitch,Zigzag chain,Russian chain,Cable chain 1,Cable chain 2,Cross stitch,Blanket,Closcouching,Button hole,Herring bone,Closed herring bone,Threaded herring bone,Knotted herring bone,Laizy daizy,Double laizy daizy,Four laizy daizy,Six laizy daizy,Egit laizy daizy,Broke chain,Couching,Satin,Satin(slant),Long ang short,Box couhing,French knot,Bulion knot,Fether,Double feather,Tripple feather,Picknese stitch,Chevorn,Arrow head,Fly stitch,Leaf stitch,Earn of wheat,Fern stitch,Sheaf,Over casting,V stitch,Y stitch,Spider web


Mirror work

Chain mirror,Sun,Wheel,Blankt,Long ang short,Baisick,Baicik satin,Long and short methord ll


Kantha work

Jod,Bejod,Thara bootti(star),Pai chaino,Cirle,Kantha boothi,Charki boothi,Dhanesharsh,Chikkan kari work


You can ask doubts in Specially allocated WhatsApp group.
Knowledge based Tasks will be provided which Enhances your Skills in much more Practical level



Those who attended all the lectures and completed  the task will get the course completion certificate.

Who can Apply?

anyone, even if they don’t have any Prior knowledge about Fashion Designing

Terms & Conditions


• Students those who are attend the session should attend the all sessions to get the Certificate.
• Students have to Complete the Assignments/ Practical required by the Teacher in order to receive the Certificate.
• Students having any Doubts are allowed to ask their question sin the Admitted WhatsApp Group
• Students who enrol to this program should always keep updating/Notification from us
• If there are any Change in Class scheduling/Arrangements we’ll be Announcing you In the WhatsApp Group provided so be attentive towards the group
• No types of Spam messages/any other than related to the Studies are strictly Prohibited in the WhatsApp Group.
• Students should respect each other’s and it would be really great if you are willing to share Ideas and Knowledges.

Application Process

Make Payement
You will be added 
to WhatsApp Group
you all set all other Details will be in whatsApp Group


Najeeba                                     +91 6282 691 706
Thabsheer Mohammed   +91 6282 414 031
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